Death By Treadmill

There was big news recently about the death of high tech CEO David Goldberg. Reports are that he was found next to his hotel treadmill with head trauma and died after loss of blood. Of course, it sounds like he fell off the treadmill and hit his head. However, readers of detective novels will consider the facts: seemingly healthy high-powered exec working out alone found dead with no witnesses.

There must be more to it. It sounds a bit like Harry Reid’s rubber band jumping out at him to break his ribs and knock out his eye. Did Goldberg have a heart attack? Was the treadmill still running when he was found? Did he use the safety key? Was he using a smartphone or other device while using the treadmill? Was the tech exec killed by tech? Who is investigating? Do you believe that the Mexican police will do a thorough investigation and report the results without being swayed by big money interests?

Treadmill death

Treadmill death

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