Exercise Bikes on the Titanic

Exercise bike s on the Titanic 1912

These  exercise bikes are purportedly in the exercise room on the Titanic in 1912. We all know that we will all die no matter how good shape we are in. This photo reminds us that it may be soon than we think!  Note that the clock says 9:10.  Presumably this photo was not taken on the day of the sinking, which occurred in the early morning hours.

Or is the “clock” actually a stopwatch-like exercise timer? Either way, when your time is up, neither your low cholesterol, your stylish garb, nor your grim expression will another minute add!

Of course, treadmills are a better way to cheat death. Just see the cartoon below.

Running from death with a treadmill

Running from death with a treadmill

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    Good one!

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