How High Is Your Treadmill Incline?

An attractive benefit of home treadmills is their ability to raise the incline and increase the difficulty of walking or running. The higher you adjust the incline, the more difficult your exercise becomes. It is widely stated that increasing the incline 1% makes treadmill running equivalent in difficulty to running outside. Therefore, people comparing treadmills may be concerned how high they can adjust the incline on their machine. Common ranges cited are “0 –12%” and “0 – 15%.” Sounds good, but what does this really mean? Fifteen per cent of what?

100% would be…what? Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Angles are not measured in percentages! Angles are measured in degrees. 180 degrees is a straight line. Straight up from the ground is 90 degrees (abbreviated as “90°”). Picture about a quarter of that angle and you will picture what 22.5° is. See the graph below to see what the angle of 15° looks like.


Incline Angles in Degrees

Incline Angles in Degrees

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  1. samuel Says:

    usually for HITT method i used 2 degrees for low intensity and 7 degrees for high intensity

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