The Advantages of Using the Incline on Your Treadmill

Treadmill Incline - bump it up

Don’t have a lot of time for using your treadmill? Try raising the incline of the belt platform. This will dramatically increase the difficulty of both walking and running, This increase in the “intensity” of the exercise will burn more calories in a given amount of time than walking or running on a flat surface.

How Fast Should I Go with the Incline Up?

You don’t have to run or even walk fast. Studies show that walking slowly on an incline tends to burn fat, instead of simply consuming short term energy. Studies also show that this slow walking on an incline elevates your heart rate at least as much running without an incline. Using a treadmill with built-in programs that adjust the incline automatically can avoid having to do the calculations yourself and can keep your workouts interesting.

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