The Viral Treadmill Dance

If you’ve been looking around online for videos about treadmills, you have probably run across the one with the four men jumping around on six treadmills. It’s called “Here it Goes Again.” It has gotten over twenty million views on youtube since 2006.The was actually one of the things that woke people up to the enormous influence of youtube.

Haven’t seen it? Watch it here:

It’s only three minutes long and doesn’t seem to promote anything other than the sheer joy of dancing on treadmill. So why did it catch on so wildly?

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be because the world loves treadmills. It seems to be more about an attitude and style of music.

The Band

The band is called OK Go. Formed in 1999, the band put the song on their second album, Now 23. The video was released as a way to promote that album. According to the band, the video was shot over 12 days and required 17 takes. As if the dancing part weren’t difficult enough, they tried singing at the same time, but it was too difficult to get it right. They ended up lip-synching it.

It seems that people shared the link many times, to the point that it got the attention of the video industry. It won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2007. The single from the album made Billboard’s Hot 100, debuting at number 38.

The band hasn’t been able to match this success however. They produced a video with a similar style, but no treadmills, call This Too Shall Pass that has been almost as successful as their treadmill dance. But, really, once you’ve seen a treadmill dance, why would you want to go back?

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