Treadmill Records

Big news was made recently when a woman sought to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for most miles run by a woman on a treadmill in one week. She seemed to break the record by running over 517 miles, but was disqualified because the witness, her boyfriend, was not considered “independent” for purposes of verification. What was left unsaid was the significance of the record. Guinness is famous for its records, so people want to get in to Book, but what is really the most significant treadmill record?

The answer is that there is no generally recognized measurement for treadmill records. Most miles by a woman in one week is just one of many. There are also records for most miles in twenty-four hours, most time with a 40-pound pack on your back, most consecutive hours on a treadmill in one month, and so on. It seems that everyone who wants to be best can just invent a category and get the record for that category. Big Deal. Wouldn’t it be better to just pursue your personal best and forget the comparison?


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