What is a Commercial Treadmill?

commercial treadmillsCommercial treadmills are better than home treadmills, right? It seems they must be because manufacturers describe some of their models as having “commercial grade” motors or belts. But what does this really mean?

There is no industry definition of “commercial” or “commercial grade.” Commercial gyms buy very heavy duty treadmills that cost more than $5,000 each and that home users are unlikely to buy for themselves. But what about other non-home users, “light commercial” locations, such as exercise rooms in hotels and condos? These non-home users often make their buying decision based on what their bosses tell them a treadmill that is covered by a warranty.

It’s The Warranty

That’s the difference between a home treadmill and a true commercial treadmill. The warranties for home treadmills specifically cover home use only. Many light commercial users choose to buy better-quality home treadmills without being covered by a warranty. They calculate that the money they save on the purchase could more than make up for paying for any necessary repairs.

Light commercial administrators, such as hotel and condominium managers should determine if they are required to only buy equipment covered by warranties before deciding which treadmill to buy.


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