August 2012 — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is confined in the Ecuadorean embassy in London running on a treadmill and using the Internet, according to his friends.

August 2012 – Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik gets a treadmill in his cell. A prison spokesperson explains “He’s a human being. He has human rights.”

May 2012 — Singer Beyonce Knowles lost sixty pounds of weight by running on a treadmill after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, she told an audience at a performance in Atlantic City.

November 2011 — Mohmar Qaedafi used a home treadmill. See The New Yorker 11.7.11, p. 53.

December 2011 – Have you noticed how much better/lighter Al Sharpton looks? He says he jogs on a treadmills 30 minutes a day. He also uses a StarTrac Spinner Pro Bike just like the one at See Wall Street Journal, 12/6/11 p. D2

December 2011 – Soccer start David Beckham reportedly helped Tom Cruise lose 10 lbs by a combination of diet and running on a treadmill.

March 2011 – In a call to the KEARTH-101 radio show, Charlie Sheen claimed to be on his “400th mile” on the treadmill during the call.

December 2010 – Rapper 50 Cent says he lost fifty-four lbs. in 9 weeks through diet and walking on a treadmill 3 hours a day to prepare for playing a character with cancer in the movie, Things Fall Apart.

December 2010 – The National Enquirer reports that Bill Clinton told Hillary Clinton “You’re huge! You need to go to a fat farm!” and then told her that treadmills were fun.

October 2010 – According to The New Yorker, if it is raining, the Dalai Lama walks barefoot on a treadmill that was given to him by a German devotee. There is a photo of him on his treadmill on p. 62, holding onto the rails with a focused look. The 74 year old Buddhist leader explains that “If you hold the rail firmly you can recite a prayer and meditate too. But you must take care or you might fall off!”

June 2010 – The judge in Linday Lohan’s Los Angeles drunk driving case, Judge Marsha Revel, says she used to keep a treadmill a few feet away from her desk. “I try and use it as often as I can,” said the judge, who then found Lohan guilty of violating her probation by drinking alcohol and lying about it. The judge sentenced Lohan to90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab. TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan later claimed she was denied the “right to workout” at the rehab center, which has a treadmill, and said the Court should apologize to her. During the same period, Lohan modeled her sports bra and alcohol monitoring bracelet for the press while using a treadmill. According to RadarOnline, Judge Revel then decided to send Lohan to the Betty Ford clinic, which has a different treadmill policy than the previous rehab center.

April 2009 – NASA announces it has named the new treadmill in the International Space Station after comedian Stephen Colbert — the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (COLBERT).

April 2007 – Astronaut Suri Williams completes the first marathon in space on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station.