January 2019 – Supermodel Gisele Bundchen tells the Wall Street Journal that she exercises almost daily with yoga, resistance bands, and the treadmill on different days.

December 2018 – 83 year old golf legend Gary Player tells Forbes that he runs on the treadmill to make sure his mind knows his body can still move fast.

October 2018 – Actress Jessica Alba publishes her treadmill workout on Instagram, saying that, because she has bad knees, she has to use a treadmill and only while using the incline.

May 2018 – The personal trainer of actress and comedian Mindy Kaling posted a video on Instagram showing Mindy’s treadmill workout — moderate speed while using dumbbells.

May 2018 – Corporate raider, oil man, and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens consistently ranks in the top 1% in treadmill stress tests for his age group. He’s 90. This according to Tulsa World.

April 2018 – Actor Chris Pratt publishes his treadmill routine to Instagram and gets over a million Likes and a comment from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that he “bows down” to Pratt’s routine.

March 2018 – Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian tweets a video of herself using a treadmill while nine months pregnant.

February 2018 – US magazine reports that Princess-To-Be Meghan Markle is preparing for her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry of Great Britain by exercising,quoting here as saying “if I’m on the treadmill thinking I don’t want to be there, I just go” and “You’ve got to burn it to earn it!”

January 2018 – In an interview with the press from the oval office, U.S. President Donald Trump remarked on his recent physical examination: “I was on a treadmill for the first time actually in quite a while, and it was at a very steep angle, and I was there for a very long time,” he said. “They were surprised. And they said, ‘Well you can stop now, that’s amazing.’ And I said, ‘I can go much longer than this if you want me to.'”

January 2018 – Model and television host Tyra Banks critiques prospective contestants on America’s Next Top Model by watching them walking on a treadmill and offering them advice on how to look better doing it.

December 2017 – Singer Kelly Clarkson tells Celebretainment about the struggle with her weight and that “Any time you saw me thin, honest to God, the reason is because I lived on a treadmill and I’d put my in-ears in so people would stop talking to me…”

November 2017 – Singer and TV host Blake Shelton tells People magazine that he’s always been fat and uses a treadmill to stay in shape. The magazine named him its Sexiest Man of the Year.

October 2017 – Singer Ariana Grande gets her best ideas for videos and songs when she’s on the treadmill. She told this to Self magazine.

September 2017 – Golf great Tiger Woods posts on his website that he is preparing for his return to competitive golf by doing cardio six days per week, alternating between the treadmill, bike, and pool.

August 2017 – Richest man in the world Bill Gates gets on his treadmill every day right after breakfast and reads while he walks. This according to Celebrity Net Worth.

July 2017 – U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions starts every morning running on the treadmill at the Department of Justice. This from an unnamed official in the Department, as reported by Reuters.

July 2017 – Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor posted photos on Instagram showing himself running on an underwater treadmill in preparation of his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

May 2017 – Country singer Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum pledged herself on Instagram to “five days of treadmill time” per week this month.

March 2017 – The Washington Post alleges that Vice President of the United States Mike Pence had two treadmills installed upstairs in the governor’s residence while he was governor of Indiana. The newspaper cited no sources and offered no other evidence.

January 2017 – Celebrity chef and reality show star Gordon Ramsey announced on social media that he is using an anti-gravity treadmill to recover from an achilles tendon injury and prepare for his next Ironman competition.

November 2016 – Supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders start a gofundme campaign to buy him a treadmill. They say that, since he is now 75 years old, he needs a treadmill to keep him in shape so he can run for president again in 2020.

July 2016 – Singer Brittany Spears posts a video of herself on Instagram showing her looking good walking on a treadmill while doing shoulder presses with dumbbells.

July 2016 – Alleged Turkish coup leader Fethulla Gulen keeps a treadmill in his home, according The Guardian.

May 2016 – According to livedesignonline, singer Beyonce Knowles has a traveling stage with treadmills for a floor in her new Formation World Tour.

April 2016 – Model Blac Chyna posts a video on Snapchat sayng she helped fiance reality tv star Rob Kardashian lose forty pounds by “… starting him off on a treadmill.”

April 2016 – Singer Beyonce Knowles posts a youtube video showing her running on a treadmill to promote her new line of athlete wear.

March 2016 – Singer Taylor Swift records an ad for Apple Music while running on a treadmill.

February 2016 – According to her trainer on health.com, singer Carrie Underwood gets in shape by doing fifteen minute intervals on a treadmill.

February 2016 – Injured NASCAR driver Tony Stewart tweets that he is recovering from surgery by using a treadmill.

January 2016 – Actor Dick Van Dyke tells Oprah Winfrey on her show that “I do a lot of leg work, all kinds of treadmills and weights and everything, because I like to keep the bounce when I dance. I can dance better than any 90-year-old you ever know.”

December 2015 – Actress Jennifer Aniston tells goop.com “I like to mix it up with some yoga, treadmill, elliptical machine, and weights.”

November 2015 – Supermodel Heidi Klum tells Sunday World that “I don’t really watch what I eat so I do a lot of cardio on a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine.”

November 2015 – U.S. Senator, physician, and presidential candidate Rand Paul tells radio host Keith Larson on WBT 1110 AM that “If you put half of everybody on a treadmill, you would get rid of half the prescription drugs in this nation.”

November 2015 – Actress Glenn Close tells English newspaper Sunday World that she is getting in shape for her new London stage role by training on a treadmill.

September 2015 – Marie Claire reports that actress Sarah Jessica Parker was once sent a treadmill by the producer of a movie to be filmed because Parker was set to be featured in a bikini scene.

September 2015 – According to her trainer, 2015 Miss America Betty Cantrell stays looking lean by doing treadmill intervals two or three times per week for thirty to forty minutes. This according to Popsugar.

July 2015 – Comedian Bill Murray tweets “If running on a treadmill was the only way to recharge our phones we would be the healthiest mofos on the planet.”

May 2015 – Supermodel and fashion designer Heidi Klum sprints her way to shape on a treadmill. That’s according the ABC News.

April 2015 – Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward responds to Ozzy Osbourne‘s statement that Ward is too heavy to play drums for the band anymore. He is quoted in Rolling Stone as saying “My health is really good. I’m at 180 lbs. now. I walk on treadmills.”

January 2015 – Rich guy investor Warren Buffet is now selling treadmills through Nebraska Furniture Mart, one of his favorite early investments by his company Berkshire Hathaway.

November 2014 – Country singer Taylor Swift tells WebMD Magazine that to keep healthy she manages to squeeze in an hour a day on the treadmill, regardless of her tour schedule.

October 2014 – According to MailOnline, reality tv star Kris Jenner “comes to the gym at 6:30 a.m. and she’s on the treadmill and her cell phone “shouting about millions of dollars.”

October 2014 – Media mogul and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes says “I’m going to do my exercising on treadmills” while being interviewed on the syndicated radio show Money Talk.

September 2014 – According to Closer magazine, comedian Joan Rivers worked out on a treadmill every day before she died during surgery at age 81.

August 2014 – Inside Edition reports that when Oprah Winfrey was asked how she got in such great shape for her new movie role, she replied “I got up at 3:45 in the morning and got on the treadmill. That’s how I did it.”

August 2014 – Actor Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson posts a video to Instagram in which he talks dirty to his treadmill.

July 2014 – According to the newspaper The Australian, actor George Clooney was spotted running on a treadmill in the gym at the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel.

April 2014 – According the New York Times, Tiger Woods is known to use a treadmill at 4 or 5 in the morning the week of tournaments.

January 2014 – According to Weight Loss & Trainer, actress Jennifer Lawrence keeps her shape by running 30 minutes on a treadmill.

January 2014 – According to the book Organizational Behavior, 91 year old Sumner Redstone, owner of CBS, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom, “hits the treadmill every morning at 5:00 a.m. before the markets open.”

December 2013 – In the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, when the Leonardo DiCaprio character is at the height of his power and influence, he is depicted as working out on his home treadmill.

September 2013 -According to Health magazine, actress Jessica Alba likes doing interval training on a treadmill, alternating between sprinting and walking on an incline.

September 2013 -According the The Telegraph, movie director Woody Allen says “I get up the the morning, get the kids off the school, do the treadmill, and go into my room and write.”

September 2013 – Fashion designer and Beatle daughter Stella McCartney unveiled her latest women’s sportswear collection at London Fashion Week, not by her models walking on catwalks, but by running on treadmills instead.

July 2013 – According to her trainer in Fitness magazine, actress Demi Moore warms up on the treadmill for few minutes before increasing the incline, holding on to the handles, and pretending she’s trudging through mud.

July 2013 – A documentary about tennis player Serena Williams shows her running on a treadmill after winning a U.S. Open match.

June 2013 – President Barack Obama explained why prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were provided treadmills by saying “I don’t want these individuals to die.”

June 2013 – Basketball star Kobe Bryant tweeted that he was working out on a treadmill to rehabilitate his injured and surgically repaired Achilles tendon.

June 2013 – Mixed Martial Artist UFC champion Bas Rutten tells Men’s Journal that he does sprints on an inclined treadmill as his best training for explosive power.

March 2013 – Gold Medalist skater Dorothy Hamill becomes the spokesperson for treadmill manufacturer Smooth Fitness.

January 2013 – Television personality Al Roker says on NBC’s Dateline that he uses a treadmill desk at the office to maintain his 130 lb. weight loss.

December 2012 – According to Fitness magazine, actress and Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy said “I’d rather be electrocuted than not have my iPod on my treadmill.”

October 2012 – Late Show host Jimmy Kimmel installed a treadmill desk in his office, saying “I read somewhere that sitting all day can cut 15 or 20 years off your life. It’s worse than smoking. We weren’t meant to sit this much.”

September 2012 – Wilson Tennis shares a photo of Roger Federer on Facebook with the tennis player running on a treadmill to prepare for his next match.

August 2012 — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is confined in the Ecuadorean embassy in London running on a treadmill and using the Internet, according to his friends.

August 2012 – Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik gets a treadmill in his cell. A prison spokesperson explains “He’s a human being. He has human rights.”

June 2012 – Singer LeAnn Rimes runs on a treadmill in stiletto heels at the Grand Opening of the Signature LA Fitness Club in Woodland Hills, California.

June 2012 – Singer Britney Spears appears on the cover of Shape magazine in a bikini. Her trainer sells ABC News that Britney’s workout includes treadmill exercises.

May 2012 — Singer Beyonce Knowles lost sixty pounds of weight by running on a treadmill after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, she told an audience at a performance in Atlantic City.

April 2012 — In a new episode of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson buys a home treadmill and becomes obsessed with watching TV on it.

January 2012 — On the Piers Morgan show, actress Rosie O’Donnell credits much of her recent weight loss to using a treadmill “as long as I could, first 20 minutes, then 45 minutes.”

December 2011 – Have you noticed how much better and lighter Al Sharpton looks? According the Wall Street Journal, he says he jogs on a treadmill 30 minutes a day.

December 2011 – Soccer start David Beckham reportedly helped Tom Cruise lose 10 lbs by a combination of diet and running on a treadmill.

November 2011 — Before he was killed, Libyan ruler Mohmar Qaedafi used a home treadmill. See The New Yorker 11.7.11, p. 53.

July 2011 — According to favesome.tv, actresses and twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen use a treadmill every day.

June 2011 — According to Self magazine, reality TV show star Kim Kardashian recommends her “boot camp” workout, which combines treadmill internals and strength training.

March 2011 – In a call to the KEARTH-101 radio show, Charlie Sheen claimed to be on his “400th mile” on the treadmill during the call.

December 2010 – Rapper 50 Cent says he lost fifty-four lbs. in 9 weeks through diet and walking on a treadmill 3 hours a day to prepare for playing a character with cancer in the movie, Things Fall Apart.

December 2010 – The National Enquirer reports that Bill Clinton told Hillary Clinton “You’re huge! You need to go to a fat farm!” and then told her that treadmills were fun.

November 2010 – In an interview with The New York Times, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo attributes his place on People Magazine’s Sexist Men list to “treadmill sessions.”

October 2010 – According to The New Yorker, if it is raining, the Dalai Lama walks barefoot on a treadmill that was given to him by a German devotee. There is a photo of him on his treadmill on p. 62, holding onto the rails with a focused look. The 74 year old Buddhist leader explains that “If you hold the rail firmly you can recite a prayer and meditate too. But you must take care or you might fall off!”

June 2010 – According to The Daily Mirror, Jennifer Aniston keeps her figure by running on a treadmill at 5.7 miles per hour at a 1.5 degree incline.

June 2010 – The judge in Lindsay Lohan’s Los Angeles drunk driving case, Judge Marsha Revel, says she used to keep a treadmill a few feet away from her desk. “I try and use it as often as I can,” said the judge, who then found Lohan guilty of violating her probation by drinking alcohol and lying about it. The judge sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab. TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan later claimed she was denied the “right to workout” at the rehab center, which has a treadmill, and said the Court should apologize to her. During the same period, Lohan modeled her sports bra and alcohol monitoring bracelet for the press while using a treadmill. According to RadarOnline, Judge Revel then decided to send Lohan to the Betty Ford clinic, which has a different treadmill policy than the previous rehab center.

September 2009 – Model and talk show host Tyra Banks revealed that she lost so much weight by replacing the couch in her living room with a treadmill and watching TV while she works out.

April 2009 – Talk show host Stephen Colbert announced on his show that NASA will name the treadmill on the space station after him (Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill).

February 2009 – According their trainer, singer Madonna and actress Gwyneth Paltrow skip, gallop, and run backwards on a treadmill set a 5.6 k/ph. (mailonline)

September 2008 – In the movie Burn After Reading, the character played by Brad Pitt runs on a treadmill and has a good time doing it!

December 2007 – Actor Will Smith, interviewed on PBS, says, “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is that I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill.  I will not be outworked, period… if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die.”

October 2002 – In an interview with Runners World, President George W. Bush says he has a treadmill in his room when he travels and even has one on the presidential plane, Air Force One.