AC v. DC Treadmill Motors

Should you choose a treadmill with a DC motor or an AC motor?Treadmill Motor

You probably won’t get the choice. But let’s say you did, what difference does it make?

Almost all homes in the U.S. are supplied with AC current (alternating current). To complicate matters, the treadmills in the big gyms tend to have AC motors, so wouldn’t those be better? Thus, common sense suggests that your treadmill should have an AC motor. But no! Appliances of various types, including treadmills, typically have other components that convert the AC current to DC (direct current) and allow the appliance to use a DC motor.

AC motors start faster than DC motors, and are more powerful, but also make more noise. DC motors are simpler than AC motors, can start at slower speeds for slower people, and tend to produce more consistent power at higher speeds. Thus, the manufacturers have decided it is better to equip home treadmills with DC motors, almost universally.


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