Why Can’t I Buy the Treadmill I Want Online?

If you’ve seen a treadmill in a store, or even tried it, maybe you’ve tried to find it online so you could check for a better price. If so, it is likely you’ve been disappointed. Why is this?

treadmill in store

Sports Store

In many cases, it is because the manufacturers know you may do this. Therefore, they have different model numbers in the stores than online! Sometimes the models in the store and online are almost identical, with only the model name and number different.

Probably the best way to avoid this roadblock is to find a brand and model you like in the store. Then go online and find the same brand of treadmill that has similar features to that in a store. If it’s selling online for about the same price as the model you liked in the store, the chances of you liking the model online are very high. If you get free shipping and can save the sales tax, that may be your best bet.

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